ADV Part 2A Disclosures

The SEC’s website specifically lists “Form ADV Disclosures” as a risk that may be present as part of an investment adviser’s everyday operations. Some of the specific risks listed are: Inaccurate, omitted, or unclear disclosures; Out of date disclosures; Misrepresentation … Continued

The Compliance Manifesto

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In a recent speech an SEC official said that the presence of robust, effective compliance programs would allow companies to reap significant credit in their dealings with regulators. He spoke about the ways the SEC supports compliance and ethics programs. … Continued

Duty to Disclose

Investment advisers have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of their clients. A central tenant of this duty is full and fair disclosure of all material facts to clients. So what you tell your clients about your … Continued

Common Registration Deficiencies

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Applicants for investment adviser registration should not only be concerned about the accuracy of their firm’s primary registration documents (i.e., Form ADV Part 1 and Part 2A), but also that these documents, along with the firm’s advisory agreements, are consistent … Continued

Do You Have a Mobile Device Policy?

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With the proliferation of smart phones, iPads and table computers in the advisory business, I would suggest that all advisers probably would benefit from developing and implementing policies and procedures regarding their use. Here are some issues you should consider: … Continued

SEC Exam Priorities – Cybersecurity

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As part of its 2015 exam priorities, the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) cited their continued focus on cybersecurity issues. If you remember back, in April of 2014 OCIE issued a Risk Alert detailing its initiative to assess cybersecurity preparedness. … Continued

3 Types of Compliance Testing

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Transactional Tests Transactional tests (also known as quality control tests) are compliance tests that are conducted contemporaneously with the activity in question and are used to detect deviations of actual transactions from firm policies or regulatory standards. Examples of transactional … Continued

Marketing Review Checklist

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Advertising and marketing will always be a primary area of concern for regulators. Underscoring this is the SEC most recent Presence Exams Letter which listed “Marketing” as its first substantive subject. That letter stated that the Office of Compliance Inspections … Continued

The Annual Review Process Part 2 – The Methodology

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Dear Compliance Professional, In the first installment of this series on the annual review process, we learned that the primary goals of the annual review are to determine the adequacy and effectiveness of your policies and procedures in light of your firm’s businesses, advisory services, … Continued

Annual Review Process – The Goals

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Dear Compliance Professional, Advisers Act Rule 206(4)-7 (commonly referred to as the Compliance Rule) requires SEC-registered investment advisers to conduct an annual review of the adequacy and effectiveness of their policies and procedures. Many states have also, either expressly or implicitly, … Continued