Check Those U-4s – They are Probably Outdated

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Are you really at the same weight you were in 2003?

You would be positively amazed at how quickly the information on the Form U-4 can become outdated. Why? Because unlike the ADV 1, you can renew an investment adviser representative’s Form U-4 by just paying your registration renewal fees. There is no system requirement that you refile the Form U-4 every year. With the ADV 1, however, you must complete  and file the Form every year. The very act of doing so forces advisers to review and update the information. The U-4 is much more along the lines of “out of sight, out of mind.”  Therefore, some U-4s have not been updated for years and year.

Advisers are under a continuing obligation to update the U-4. My suggestion is to go on the IARD web site and print out the U-4 for each of your investment adviser representatives. Circulate them to the respective IARs and ask them to review and provide updated information.