FINRA Certification Period

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Today starts the 30 day FINRA Certification Period for Super Account Administrators.

According to the message sent out by FINRA:

One of the responsibilities of FINRA Super Account Administrators (SAA) is to ensure that users in their organization who require access to applications in the FINRA Entitlement Program to perform their job responsibilities are properly entitled to these applications and the sensitive data that these applications may contain. While FINRA encourages administrators to review user accounts periodically throughout the year, FINRA is launching an annual user accounts certification program to enhance this review process. The purpose of this email is to notify you that today begins FINRA’s 2011 Entitlement User Accounts Certification Period.

During this 30-day certification period, you will need to review your organization’s user accounts to determine that:

  • each user has a continuing need to access FINRA application(s) on the organization’s behalf;
  • each user is entitled only to the applications and privileges needed to perform current job responsibilities; and
  • only users who require access to sensitive data (e.g., Criminal History Record Information, social security or tax identification numbers, dates of birth) are entitled to access this type of data.

If user accounts are not certified within the 30-day certification period, the capability to create, edit and clone accounts within an organization will be disabled for all Administrators and will remain disabled until an organization completes the certification process.